Botany Bay Snow

Just a quick, spontaneous day trip to see the blanket of snow on Botany Bay Road in Edisto, SC. This road holds so many memories for me, one being driving lessons. My husband woke up last Friday morning and said, " We are going to the beach today.... to see the snow." This is something I will probably never see again. Landscape photography is completely out of my comfort zone, but I was willing to take a chance to capture this beautiful sight! Edisto is a little slice of my Heaven on Earth. I've decided to make a few prints available for purchase to share with the world how special this sweet spot is. If you have never visited Edisto Beach, it's a MUST! I'm so excited to order my own print so that I can look at that little slice of Heaven when I just need to escape from reality. It was surely a sight to see! God's beauty certainly abounds!

Please note- When ordering there is Botany Bay Original and Botany Bay Oil Paint Edit

Botany Bay Snow Original

Botany Bay Snow Oil Paint

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